Boat Bottom Painting

Replacing the bottom paint on your boat is just as important as maintaining the motors themselves. Having the paint on the bottom of your boat should be a regular part of your maintenance schedule, typically every year or two. This keeps barnacles and other water born creatures from growing on the bottom of your boat when kept in the water for long periods of time. Remember, it only takes three days on average for barnacle growth to begin and once it begins, its hard to stop.

We are a licensed and insured corporation and have a working report with all local marinas. Typically it would be best to have your boat dry docked at your local marina in the work yard for us to begin work.

Services Typically Include:

  • Material Included
  • Blister repair
  • Ablative/non ablative bottom painting
  • Zinc replacement
  • Prop Removal
  • Keel Repair

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